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Nest is a centre for workshops and classes with various holistic and art-based themes, they are run within gallery throughout the year; exhibitions, musical soirees and seasonal art and craft markets are also on the calendar.




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Down to Earth - Casual Clay Classes


Thursdays | 6.30-9pm
$25 | Including all materials, barista coffee and light refreshments .

Join us in the gentle art of hand-built ceramics in the welcoming, soothing and supportive atmosphere of the Nest Clay Studio

We will cover the essential skills for making ceramic objects by hand. From the ancient and gentle art of pinch forming – to coiling, slab forming and moulding.  On the way we will explore surface possibilities, including texturing, slip decorating and simple brush glazing. We will use a few simple tools and commercial clays and glazes. All materials will be supplied for the classes - firing will be an additional cost - by negotiation.

 You will learn

Pinch forming – one piece pinching (eg bowls, platters, mugs) two piece forms to make a sphere

Coil forming – rolled or squeezed coils – joining methods – controlling the form

Slab forming – rolled or flicked slabs – soft clay wrapping – firm clay construction

Surface treatment – pressed textures – carving – inlays – slips – glazes

Mould forming – using one piece plaster moulds

Combinations of techniques - - and some other cool tricks


‘My love affair with clay started in swinging England in the late sixties and continued back in Perth where I did a degree and post graduate diploma with majors in Ceramics at Curtin University.

This enchanting medium totally captivated me – its soft, wet plasticity in the forming stages through to its fired durable hardness. My career has been built around this journey – to experience the endless possibilities of this enthralling material and pass on my discoveries to a wide range of students.

For twenty four years, as a ceramics teacher, I not only had the delightful and rewarding experience of encouraging others to find their bliss, but also found myself enriched from the interchange of ideas that flowed. Currently I work in my tiny Darlington studio exploring body staining techniques using earthy terracotta and porcelain clays. I’m joined by a little group of former students of mine from the Diploma of Environmental Art and Design. We make things - talk about life – drink cups of tea and eat healthy biscuits.’


Later Event: August 6
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