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Nest is a centre for workshops and classes with various holistic and art-based themes, they are run within gallery throughout the year; exhibitions, musical soirees and seasonal art and craft markets are also on the calendar.




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Mould Making & Casting – an introduction

Sunday July the 14th 10am-4pm
$159 including clay | all materials | firing | barista | coffee and a complimentary light lunch.

In this one day workshop you will be shown how to make a simple one piece drop out
mould of a beaker or small bowl using handbuilt models and casting plaster.

After your mould is made your tutor will demonstrate the technique of casting
allowing you to also experiment with some prepared dry moulds. Sandra will also
bring samples of various techniques of decoration that can be done in a mould to
encourage your further exploration of this method of making pots.

At the end of the workshop you will have your own mould to take home to dry and cast your
own work. Workshop notes on mould making, plaster ratios, etc will be supplied.

Sandra Black is one of Australia's foremost ceramic artists, creating porcelain vessels recognised for their craftsmanship  and intricately carved and pierced surfaces. Sandra  explores the material's character through throwing, hand building and casting techniques, and its ability to transfer light through carving and piercing. She was initially attracted to the translucency and hardness of porcelain, and the fine surface it provided for carving and piercing. The purity of the medium added to its appeal, allowing her to infuse her pieces with a presence that she had not achieved using other clay.