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Nest is a centre for workshops and classes with various holistic and art-based themes, they are run within gallery throughout the year; exhibitions, musical soirees and seasonal art and craft markets are also on the calendar.




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Meditation Evenings



Starting Monday 18th March - Monday 8th of April

Monday evenings 7.30-9.00pm - 4 week mini retreat - $129

The sessions will be run by Kelly Hine. Kelly is a teacher of meditation, mindfulness and self-love; a speaker, retreat leader and Reiki Master. She believes that our life lessons are ultimately teaching us to love ourselves, so that we can be who we’re meant to be and expand that love out into the world in our own unique way.

Her mission is to help people find the peace, calm and happiness that’s already within them, through presence, heart-centred awareness, self-love and letting go. Her methods combine ancient spiritual wisdom with modern science, with her gift of teaching and beautiful calming voice. Kelly’s teachings are life-changing and her guided meditations are like a balm for the mind, body and soul

Life is ridiculously busy and as women we give so much of ourselves. You know that self-care is so important but it can be difficult to fit in and keep our commitments to ourselves. We all need regular reminders of the good stuff that keeps us happy and healthy. We need topping up, to replenish our body and soul and to restore positive balance in our lives.

These mini-retreats are designed to put some extra self-care and bliss into your week, as well as helping you on your path to incorporating meditation, mindfulness and other health and happiness tools into your life.

Meditation and mindfulness are powerful tools that can transform your life. Could you use some extra help to learn to apply the skills in an easy to understand way and to make it a regular practice, learning to find that place of inner calm and stillness within you.

A group of like-minded souls meeting together for a common purpose – not to mention with a skilled teacher – can have a much more powerful effect than when we try to go it alone.

The evenings are also about making some simple but powerful life-changing shifts in your mindset for peace, health and happiness. You’ll take away practical strategies that you can easily apply in your life.


  • Guided meditations to relax, centre and inspire you with renewed clarity.

  • Soul sessions with heart-centred self-development sessions led by Kelly – gain insights and practical strategies for creating your best life. Reflection, writing and mindfulness exercises are some of the tools that will be used.

  • Connect and share with a like-minded circle of women.

  • Divine aromatherapy oils (you’ll also learn about their benefits and how to incorporate them into your self-care ritual).

  • Delicious organic, feel-good, healthy snacks and organic herbal tea.

If you have any questions, you can call Nest on 0412025893, email or just use this form

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