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Nest is a centre for workshops and classes with various holistic and art-based themes, they are run within gallery throughout the year; exhibitions, musical soirees and seasonal art and craft markets are also on the calendar.




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Pit / Barrel Firing

In this workshop, we will learn about the basics of pit/barrel firing.
Various minerals and combustible materials will combine with the
flames and smoke of an open fire to create stunning colours and
marks on your ceramic work.

Participants will need to bring
- up to six small pieces that have been bisque fired. (900 C)
- protective clothing (closed in shoes, long pants, long sleeved top)

For best results
- use a white clay body (either stoneware or Raku)
- and either burnish work or coat in terra sigilatta.

Amount of worked fired with be dependant on the size of the
pieces and the number of participants.

Firing and decorating materials will be supplied, but if you wish to
bring along something specific, please do.
(seaweeds, banana skins, your favourite coffee grounds, pet hair,
straw from the bottom of the guinea pig cage, anything
combustible that takes your fancy – all items need to be dried)


Narayani Palmer has always been interested in art. She attended
Claremont School of Art in the 90s, majoring in Sculpture and has
been working with ceramics for the past eight years. 
Very early on in her ceramics journey, she realized that glazing
was not for her. So began the process of discovering different
ways to decorate the ceramic surface.
She uses coloured slips and underglazes for some of her work, but
her passion lies with Raku and Pit/Barrel firing. These so called
“primitive” techniques combine the elements of earth and fire to
create remarkable colours and patterns that are both earthy and

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