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Mandy Evans



Mandy Evans has had an art career spanning over 30 years. From a series of solo galleries and print shops in Dunsborough - she retired to the wheatbelt where she has been slowly developing a new series of limited edition sculptures and now abstract painting 

This new abstract work by Mandy is an example of what happens when an artist continually pushes themselves to grow and change and she considered it her most exciting work to date

- it has a strong compositional balance reminiscent of much of Mandys early more complicated lyrical work, some of which are still being sold as limited edition prints today - and yet is entirely non representational 

-it maintains the simplicity  developed in her last enduring series where she focused on elementary bold paintings of uplifting affirmation and iconic work

 - and now these new paintings maintain a new sense of lightness and freedom -and are full of discovery

 According to Mandy she has 

‘fallen in love with painting all over again - it feels like it did when i was a young artist and all I could see was possibilities - its a very exciting place to be '